Ohio Autism Info

The Autism Center at OCALI provides a clearinghouse of information on research, resources and trends to address the autism challenge. The center offers a source for training, technical assistance, resources, and consultation to build program capacity and individual learning and growth. The mission of the Autism Society of Ohio (ASO) is to improve the lives […] Read More

Targeted Nutrient Therapy

Targeted nutrient therapy of behavior is based on supporting the biochemistry of the brain. Neurons do not communicate cell to cell with electricity, they do so with biological chemicals (biochemicals) called neurotransmitters. Though there are pathways in the brain like electrical wiring, the electrical signal only travels along one cell. When the electrical signal gets […] Read More

Biochemistry and Behavior

Behavior can be described on a small scale as an isolated response to a specific event or on a larger scale also as one's temperament, the tendency to respond in a specific way. For example, optimism is the tendency to look on the bright side of things, where pessimism is the tendency to see the […] Read More

General Autism Info

The ASA operates under a set of guiding principles that fall under the mission statement of “improving the lives of all affected by autism.” This mission statement is geared not only towards individuals with autism but also parents, caregivers, educators, and other autism professionals. The Autism Society of America separates its missions into the following […] Read More