The majority of nutrients needed for the services provided at Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC are available for purchase at the office or by mail order. In some cases, custom prescription formulations may be needed.  Listed below are several of the pharmacies Dr. Lewis uses for his patients:

Choice Family Pharmacy

8 S. Sixth Street
McSerrystown, PA 17344
Phone: 717-630-2000
Fax: 630-8249

Lee-Silsby Compounding Pharmacy

Known for their commitment to patients on the autism spectrum and for the formation of a more biologically available form of curcumin, called Enhansa, the staff at Lee-Silsby can compound nutrients into many forms – oral, dermal, nasal, and injectable.  For Ohio patients, Lee-Silsby has shown a tireless commitment to make their formulations available for all patients, including those on Ohio Medicaid.

Moudry Rx-Compounding Pharmacy

1266 Helmo Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55128
Phone: (651) 645-9715
Fax: (651) 925-8659

Medicine Shoppe

900 East Main Street
Lancaster, OH 43130
Phone (740) 653-7779
Fax (740) 653-8265


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