Listed below are the most common laboratories which Dr. Lewis utilizes for both routine and specialty testing. Be sure to check with your insurance to determine which of these laboratories is preferred for in-network benefits.  In rare cases, insurance benefits are not available for necessary testing and payment will need to be arranged directly with the laboratory.


ChildLab is the laboratory associated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and offers a wide range of clinical testing. To find a location please click here.

Laboratory Corporation of America

LabCorp is a national laboratory capable of a wide range of clinical testing. To find a local patient service Center please click here.

Doctor’s Data, Inc.

Doctor’s Data, Inc. is a clinical laboratory with over 30 years experience providing a wide array of testing useful for providers utilizing a integrative or functional medicine perspective for the evaluation and management of their patients.

Click on the name to visit the laboratory’s website.

Laboratory Testing Procedures

Preparation for testing:

Be well hydrated for the day of and the day before a blood draw. Bring your insurance card and the paper laboratory requisition to the lab for the draw.  Refrain from taking any supplements containing zinc or vitamin D for the day before and the day of the blood draw.  If possible, refrain from taking over the counter anti-histamines for 2 weeks prior to the blood draw.

Blood and urine testing:

Laboratory testing is ideally completed on the same day of and after the appointment with Dr. Lewis.  Testing can be arranged for a later date and must be completed within 2 weeks of the patient visit; otherwise, a second appointment will need to be scheduled to update the patient history. Testing completed after the 2 week mark will not be accepted without a repeat appointment.