Angela Woodward

Angie Woodward has been serving as a patient-family liaison, supporting families of individuals with ASD, immune dysfunction and learning, mood and behavior disorders for over 7 years. She specializes in assisting parents and patients with implementing physician-prescribed treatment protocols. Her experience in this realm has been augmented by attending national integrative medicine and biomedical conferences for special needs children since 2005. Furthermore, she has also served at these conferences as a featured speaker and/or panel member passing on her acumen in understanding and helping families implement complex integrative medical treatments.


In addition to helping with integrative nutrient therapies, Angie has been training and assisting families who are utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) under the prescription and observation of a physician since 2007. She speaks for schools, churches, support groups and other organizations throughout the state of Ohio on a regular basis and has served as a knowledgeable lay parent on an advisory committee for the Autism Research Institute. Combining her experiences, she has assisted with product development for helping children overcome the challenges of ASD and other such challenging illnesses.


Her passion is to see families succeed in their efforts to help their loved ones achieve wellness, and she is a great source of inspiration and encouragement for the individuals and families she works with. Angie enjoys and values being an active part of her church community and cherishes every minute spent with her husband and children.