About Our Practice


At Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC we strive to be the pediatric point of contact for our patient’s health and wellness.  We specialize in the outpatient integrative pediatric evaluation and management of the children with special medical needs – autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, bipolar disease, behavior disorder, PANDAS/PANS and chronic medical problems.

Our keys to success are to

  1. Identify the patients we can best serve and let their parents know how we are best suited to help their child.
  2. Create a caring, safe, and inclusive environment for our patients and their families to receive care.
  3. Provide this level of care at the time of service and ongoing into the future, including a patient’s individual and family wisdom as guiding steps along the way.
  4. Follow response to treatment objectively and with compassion, so that true and complete healing is achieved.
  5. Partner with other specialists to also help lend their expertise in our patient’s healing journey.

Summary of Services

Special Needs Care

Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC is a pediatric medical office providing general pediatrics services with a unique approach to the care of children with special needs, especially those with autism, ADHD, and behavioral problems. Though medications do have their place, integrative management is a unique, effective, and safe alternative to traditional pharmaceutical based interventions. Approaching each patient and their needs individually and in context of their family situation helps in choosing the best course of treatment. Using nutrients offers a fundamental and natural way to affect desired results with a far reduced side-effect profile, while reserving the option to use traditional therapies in the future.

Targeted Nutrient Therapy

Unfortunately, a healthy diet cannot provide for the nutrient needs of the body and brain at all times.  Targeted Nutrient Therapy describes evaluation and management of biochemical imbalances in nutrient chemistry that affect physical and mental wellness. For more information on Targeted Nutrient Therapy click here and for more information on Biochemistry and Behavior click here.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of diseases, using a systems-oriented approach to the evaluation and management of a patient’s medical, emotional and spiritual needs to achieve health and wellness.  A large component of functional medicine is to focus on digestive wellness, immune support and endocrine balance.  At Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC we find that optimization of digestion and bowel function, developing healthy dietary habits and promoting toxin-reduced living are long term health needs for everyone of us.  We find that addressing biochemistry is fundamental to helping making and enacting the commitment to optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC offers in office hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) for patients with special health care needs.  Please see our HBOT page for more information, click here.